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Okay, it looks like I'm going to do multiple scrap posts, maybe over a few days or something idk. I actually had more of this one written than I thought, and I couldn't decide where to cut it off, so here's all I have.

This is the one that's based on this SP Vocaloid parody. I guess it's kind of important to be familiar with, because it's why I'm characterizing them the way that I am.

I started working on this almost exactly a year ago, and tbh the involvement of Craig and Tweek is part of what makes it hard to continue. But they're in the video, so that's what I'm doing.

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Upcoming Projects!

In an attempt to be more organized (and motivate myself) here's a list of shit I'm working on:

  • SP Big Bang rough draft (due April 1st)
    5143 out of 20000 minimum

  • HumanCentipad Kink meme fill
    Will probably have about 10 parts. Just added part 4 PART 7!!

  • Domestic porn for fic exchange with fracturates.
    (Not started)

  • Chapter 3 of You and I.
    (Roughly 20% complete)
    Will have 10 chapters and an epilogue.

  • Chapter 3 of Someone Like You.
    (About halfway finished, but I kind of want to start this chapter over because I haven't touched it in a year)

  • Weird ass fic based on this.
    (Probably about 30% complete, I'm not sure)

  • I think that's it. I have a lot of other ideas, but I'm trying to limit myself so I can actually accomplish something. One of my goals for the year is to finish You & I and Someone Like You. And become more creative with titles.
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    This is dumb

    I'm kind of bad at posting things that prompt discussion, but this is important to me.

    I have this hand fetish. Like, I will refuse to date someone if they have unattractive hands, and hands are generally the first thing I notice about a person. Okay, so, with that in mind, I have put a stupid amount of thought into what Kyle and Stan's hands might look like, and here's what I've come up with:

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    I guess I don't really use LJ that much anymore? I'm not going to delete or anything, but if any of you are on tumblr and you want to keep up with me there, DO IT.
    Although when summer starts, I'm going to try to get back into posting here regularly, even though it does seem kind of dead. ;n;


    Title: Static
    Author: broflove
    Artists: Nhaingen and Momo
    Beta: fracturates
    Pairing(s)/characters: Kyle/Stan, mentions Kenny/Wendy
    Rating: R
    Summary: Maybe home isn't a house, because a house is no more than wood and nails and impermanence and decay. Maybe a home is a person, and that person had always been Kyle.
    Warnings: Major angst, possible character death. Trigger warnings for depression and suicide
    Notes: I just really, really want to thank lunarcakes for reading this every time I added a sentence, and encouraging me and listening to me complain incessantly. This wouldn't have gotten finished if it hadn't been for her. And NHAINGEN AND MOMO, your art is so gorgeous, and I've been sitting around crying over it since I saw it. You guys are so awesome, and I'm so grateful we got to work together. ♥

    The art is so gorgeous you guys, I seriously cried over it just omg.
    Also if you want to leave some feedback, commenting is enabled on the actual website, but if you don't want to do that you can just come back here or whatever! ♥
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    I just turned in the draft of my SPBB fic
    even though it's only about 60% finished..?

    so basically I have a lot of work to do
    but writing in the annotations in the draft kind of helped me get my thoughts in order, so hopefully things will go more quickly now?

    I can't wait to find out which artist I'm matched up with aaaaaaaaa